The red fox and the Midori racoon dog.

It's a shock.

It bought specially at 10,000 yen and the software which was used habitually passed away suddenly, that it's possible to use.

For some reason?

Actually, the software, when a manufacturer site is suddenly closed down for the one to use after Net connection's being indispensable to use, and connecting with the manufacturer site in use and acquiring necessary data, it passes away of course, that it is possible to use.

If trying to use after a long time today, it isn't possible to be used by coming out by the error.

Because the Net, too, can be connected, if thinking that it does Japanese syllabary? which the manufacturer site doesn't connect with, it seems that it wants to close down.

The bankruptcy and it seems that it is not but it is....

It searched for the other software inevitably.

It got because there was not one which is good when buying the software which passed away this time, that it is possible to use but freeware however, at present, there is one which can be substituted.
In the times, it is advanced ahead.

Way, the red fox is a mark with the software which passed away this time, that it is possible to use, the quite flagrant software.
There are many, too, quite getting help ones?

Of course, it isn't a udon-noodles.